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Sky Tech Inc. TM is a Specialized Lighting Company Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan focused on providing Lighting Solution for all types of Projects like Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, Factories, Auditoriums, Home Theaters, Temple, Cinema Halls, Villas, Farm Houses, Residential Houses etc.

Public Place Lighting

Beautifully designed and intelligently managed public lighting helps communities prosper by revitalizing neighbourhoods, attracting visitors, and giving tourists and residents alike a feeling of security.

» Road & Street
» Parks & Malls
» Airport & Bus Stands
» Educational Institutes etc.

Industrial Lighting

Lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a profound effect on the well-being, productivity, and worker vitality. Sky Tech Inc.TM can precisely manage the lighting in a facility with a combination of control strategies, allowing you to deliver the optimum light levels for performing tasks safely and effectively.

» Offices & Showrooms
» Manufacturing Plants
» Hotels & Restaurants etc.

Interior & Designer Lighting

The light, as fourth dimension of architecture, changes the perception of any space and architecture. The light is an instrument to beautify buildings, to make them visible, enjoyable and livable. The lighting project is the core of any lighting design concept.

» Indoor Luminies
» Wall Brackets
» Designer Lamps
» Display, Wardrobe Lighting etc.

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Our Services

We, at Sky Tech Inc.TM are committed to providing a seamless lighting solution to our customers who require any lighting services.

Lighting Solution

At Sky Tech Inc.TM we always deliver the best quality Lighting products at the right time, and save your Time, Energy and Money. We provide our customers with the best LED Lighting Solution.

Home & Industrial Automation

We provide customized security and surveillance systems to different offices, commercial areas, airports, railway stations and other places. Offered products are highly efficient and user friendly.

Industrial Training

The world of lighting is constantly evolving and energy efficient LED lighting is transforming the marketplace. Thus, we develop a training program for those who want to enhance their lighting knowledge.


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